SAS Commander – Brand Warfare Advice

Article first published

Written by John McCarthy

Article first published on The Drum

Fresh Britain is shaping its branding strategy with the help of a former SAS commander.

The retired colonel, who cannot be identified, is shaping strategy at the agency by equating brands as armies and the markets they compete in as battlefields.

The commander, who was introduced to Fresh Britain founding partner Bob Sheard at a dinenr party, has appeared in strategy videos for brands such as Ben Sherman and Arc’teryx, discussing the traits modern brands must adopt to become the dominant force in the market.

On the appointment, Sheard said: “I knew he would be a great asset to our clients. Obviously there have been challenges making things work, protecting his anonymity being the primary one. He is doing us a huge favour appearing in our videos and his privacy is our priority.

“When I was younger I read the Art of War by Tse Tse Sun, and I found it fascinating to see the similarities between branding campaigns and the warfare strategy outlined in the book. For instance, deconstructing both your brand and your competition draws distinct parallels with the principles of knowing yourself and your enemy.”

In the video the commander states: “Strategy is the essential link between politics and tactics. It is the marriage of ends, ways and means – your goals, your actions and your resources.

“Strategy is formed by individuals but it is implemented by armies. Clarity from your leadership on the strategy will lead to conviction from your troops in implementing tactics and that will bring success on the battlefield.”

Time will tell whether Fresh Britain clients win the brand war as a result of the military intervention.

Article first published

Written by John McCarthy